What is Meehanite?

Meehanite is a trusted trademark and service program for ensuring the whole metal casting process and product quality.



  • is a Registered Trade Mark, recognised internationally as a label of QUALITY.
  • is a vehicle for Casting Promotion Programmes and Casting Sales Development.
  • provides a Casting Sourcing Service to casting users, designed to optimise customers' purchasing performance.
  • provides a complete foundry service to the industry, operating through its team of multi-disciplined consulting engineers.
  • is a practical quality assurance system, geared to the advancement of casting standards.
  • Foundry Process re-engineering increases productivity and efficiency within the foundry organisation.
  • Process pervades all aspects of castings production to create a TOTAL manufacturing system. Licensees undertake to meet the most stringent casting quality levels in order to uphold the Meehanite Quality Standard.
  • is a whole range of metal Types, developed to suit all casting applications.
  • metallurgy is a process which controls the degree of nucleation and solidification behaviour of cast irons, to provide castings having dense, fine grained structures, with good machinability.
  • means innovation through a policy of R&D within its licensee foundries, thereby facilitating ease of technology transfer.
  • is a Technical Information Service, communicating product development and technological interchange to the mutual benefit of foundry and customer alike.