Foundry Training

Over the period of a licence agreement Meehanite can provide the following training modules to the relevant foundry personnel.

Modules on:

Practical Introduction to Meehanite
Melting Practice

  • Cupola Melting, Electric Melting and Duplexing

Meehanite Metallurgy:

  • Basic (Grey Iron), Intermediate (Nodular Iron) and Advanced (ADI, Alloy)
  • Plain Carbon Steel
  • Low, Medium and High Alloy Steels

Running, Gating & Feeding:

  • Basic Computer Simulation Statistical Process
  • Control (SPC) Documentation Software

Wedge Control (Iron) | Meehanite Metal Selection
Defect Identification | Sand Technology

ISO9002 - training

  • Basic Training, TQM and Assessment

Internal Auditing | Productivity Measurement | Productivity Improvement
Organisational Efficiency | Meehanite Quality Audit (2x/year) | Strategic Planning and Marketing
Principles of JIT | Lean Production | Practical Management and Technician Training

Practical Casting Manufacturing

  • New Products, New Processes and Troubleshooting