Meehanite Foundry Service

Our foundry service is aimed to:

  • introduce the Meehanite Process into the foundry.
  • introduce Meehanite Quality Systems and processes into the foundry.
  • establish ISO9002 against the respective quality manuals.
  • provide training of personnel against the respective draft manuals for the foundry.
  • regularly visit the foundry to undertake Meehanite Quality Audits.
  • provide relevant personnel with technological updating on foundry processes and casting applications.
  • provide practical foundry training.
  • make available technologies and processing developments arising from Meehanite Research & Development projects.
  • review foundry performance with the view of recommending improvements in productivity - benchmarking exercises.
  • analyse production costs in order to bring about their reduction.
  • assist in the promotion of licensees' castings
  • broaden the range of castings manufactured in the foundry and to bring them to market.

Meehanite confrences

Meehanite organises regular technical conferences which are attended by representatives of licensees from all over the world.

These conferences are working technical conferences, dealing with all aspects of foundry operation and production including new technology.

The confidential proceedings of these conferences are sent to all llicensees.All licensees have the right to attend Meehanite conferences at their own expense.

Where conference papers are of a non-confidential nature they are reproduced in the international press where they serve to advertise the activities of Meehanite licensees.


ISO 9002 preparation is provided as a service.


Re-engineering and consultancy projects

These services are aimed to:

  • undertake feasibility studies into all aspects of casting manufacture.
  • conduct market surveys examining alternatives to the range of castings to be manufactured in the foundry
  • assist in the financial evaluation of foundry projects
  • develop plans for implementing foundry development projects
  • design foundry layouts and production control systems
  • assist in the drafting of procurement specifications for the equipment needed during the implementation of a development programme
  • aid the review of tenders received against procurement specifications
  • undertake the overall responsibility for the management of the project
  • negotiate and place orders with the respective suppliers
  • develop a training program for personnel on the new equipment
  • supervise installation of the purchased equipment at the foundry site
  • monitor commissioning of the new equipment
  • carry out the training programme during the commissioning stage of the equipment project
  • review the performance of the new equipment alongside the suppliers

Longer Term Engineering and Consultancy Projects. These activities are regarded as an extension to the services offered by IMMCO under limited duration engineering and consultancy projects